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The list has been running since 1995 and has hundreds of members. We talk about everything that has to do with Dar's music as well as issues of interest to her and her fans. The entire contents of Dar-List (since its beginning in January
1995) are available in a searchable archive for your perusal (if the link doesn't work for you copy and paste this URL: http://grassyhill.org/stax/dar-list/). As of August 2006, the Dar-list is hosted on folkserv.net and the archives now generally reside hereTHE LIST IS CURRENTLY NOT UP AND RUNNING. 

U.K. Dar-list
There is also another list for fans in the U.K., used a lot for getting information about shows in the U.K. and setting up get togethers and so on.
To suscribe you can either:

The Cafeteria
An online message board for Dar fans has been set up for those who want to chat about Dar in an alternate online forum. Check out The Cafeteria here.

Falcon Ridge FF photos
  • As many of you know the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival is like an annual pilgrimage for Dar Williams fans. Here's a somewhat outdated list of sites with photos of the event. Flickr and Facebook are the places to look nowadays. Just do a quick search and you'll find lots.

  • Dar Chat - Every Friday night (well in North America anyway)
    Dar Chat has moved onto the web from trusty old IRC. To join Dar chat via web do the following:

    Birthday project 
    Birthday Project organizer Sally Heaven has once again set up a page on PledgeBank where you can sign the pledge to participate in this year's birthday project of tree planting and/or eating lovely local foods.  PledgeBank is really cool and great way to get people connected to volunteerism and their local communities, so in addition to encouraging you to sign the above pledge, Sally also encourages fans to check out the rest of the site, pledges in your area, and to create your own! Deadline for pledging is April 19, Dar's birthday. In the Comments section, write a note about what you're doing in honour of Dar's birthday. If you have any pictures of your project you'd like to submit, send them to me Sally (sally.heaven(at)gmail.com), who will post them on the official Birthday Project Page.

    Every year Sally puts together a community service project in honour of Dar's birthday, April 19. Instead of giving her presents and such, Sally encourages people to go and do some volunteer work or some activity to make our communities a better place. Dar says this makes her happy and she "feels understood."

    You can go to  the Birthday Project Page  to find out how to get involved and read what people have done as their contributions to the project in the past.

    Early tape offer
    Scott Green will make copies of Dar's two early tapes, I Have No History and All My Heroes Are Dead, which aren't available in stores. The money he raises through this project goes to support Dar's charity, the Snowden Environmental Trust (which has now been dissolved). The details are on his Web site.

    A number of fans have put together parodies of Dar's songs.

  • Just before seeing Dar at home in Ft. Lauderdale for the first time in 5 years, Susan Moss penned her version of O Florida Girls.
  • The fine vintage collection of parodies housed on Charlie Sweeney's site has been resurrected. Find 'em right here!
  • Howie Lyhte has graced us with a new version of his Dar Sillybus, a wonderful weaving of wistful humour on a Dar-based magical musical ride.
  • Mel Valline has a feline version of And a God Descended called And a Cat Descended.
  • The Mad Babysitter is Here on a somewhat entertaining site called The Overlord Project.
  •  As he notes, here's a "politically charged parody of The Pointless, Yet Poignant Crisis of a Co-Ed" by Vincent Scarpa.
  •  Another political commentary to the tune of I had No Right by Sharon Goldberg.

  • Fan videos
    A fascinating and amusing collection of videos made by fans of Dar and other things! If you get a chance do a search on youtube.com for Dar Williams and check out some of the covers of her songs but amateurs, talented and otherwise. It's a fun way to spend a bit of time.

     Obeyed has put together a bit of a travelogue to go along with Iowa.
    Antidrugged has a very wide selection of Dar's PR shots that are used in this video for Wilder than  Her

    HayJude gives Comfortably Numb a Grey's Anatomy theme.
    ExpressiveArtist does February.
    Queseradeti has an arty video to Mark Rothko
    A choral rendering of As Cool As I Am
    ReadingWord56 has put Closer to Me with clips from the Final Fantasy game
    methebookworm sings The Beauty of the Rain
    Faysweeper does a dance to February
    CryxInnocence has an homage to Mary-Kate Olsen set to Farewell to the Old Me
    Relaxing is serious business says this cat to the tune of Party Generation - I love it!
    Hellpenguin puts As Cool As I Am in the middle of  Stargate Atlantis

    Allgreatmusic has a video done of Closer to Me
    HobbyDoll and her daughter to a lovely rendition of The Christians and the Pagans
    A Star Wars video to the song Empire. It's cool.
    Usagi/Mamoru live action video to Beauty of the Rain
    An Aino Minako video (sprinkled with Sailor V and Sailor Venus) of  Farewell to the Old Me
    Dar meets classic Dr. Who and Romana. You have to watch it to believe it!
    We Learned the Sea with pretty sea pics
    You rise and Meet the Day with pretty sunrise pics
    An Empire video to scenes from Firefly
    A series of Dar songs with scenes from the TV show Alias: The Beauty of the Rain and Family
    Another Beauty of the Rain effort using scenes from Firefly/Serenity

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