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This is as complete as I have for now, but I know it's not everything. If you have any additional recordings or more information about ones already listed, please e-mail me.

Major Releases

1993/5 The Honesty Room Razor and Tie -- released "THR" nationally on February 21, 1995, with two additional songs (Flinty Kind of Woman and Arrival)and some remixing.
1996 Mortal City  Razor & Tie
1997 End of the Summer  Razor & Tie
1998 Cry, Cry, Cry
With Richard Shindell and Lucy Kaplansky
 Razor & Tie
2000 The Green World Razor & Tie
Released Oct. 1, 2001 in the U.K. and includes O Canada Girls as a hidden track.
2000 The Green World
Limited Edition
Razor & Tie
4,000 copies of this North American edition, which came with special packaging and an extra track (O Canada Girls), were pressed.
2001 Out There Live Razor & Tie
The Beauty of the Rain
Razor & Tie
Released Feb. 18, 2003 - digipak
A version was released at the same time in the U.K./Europe on Evangeline Records. It has a different cover.
My Better Self
Razor & Tie
Released Sept. 13, 2005
The U.K./Europe/Japan/Australia version released Feb. 19 on the Rounder Europe label.
Promised Land
Razor & Tie
Released Sept. 9, 2008
MCG cover 2010
Many Great Companions
(a 2-CD retrospective with with newly recorded acoustic versions of 12 songs and 20 re-releases of some of her most popular tunes.)

Razor & Tie (2 CD set)
Released Oct. 12, 2010
in time of gods cover 2011
In the Time of Gods
Razor & Tie
Released April 17, 2012

EPs/Limited Release

1990 I Have No History (tape)

see ordering info

Tracks: Crossing the Field; How Do I Work; No More Troubles; No Revolution Here; Charlie Frye; I Have No History; Ireland;Terrarium
1991 All My Heroes Are Dead (tape)

see ordering info

Tracks: All My Heroes Are Dead; For Everyone; Stop Smoking;Mark Rothko Song; Calamity John; Flinty Kind of Woman; Anthem; Arrival; When It Gets That Way
1993 The Honesty Room (Tape) 
Burning Field Music
Dar's first full-fledged album was originally recorded in Fall 1993 near her home in Massachusetts, and self-released under the Burning Field label. It was then picked up by Waterbug Records (WBG 0010) and reissued in summer 1994. Released in 1995 by Razor & Tie.
1996 The Christians and the Pagans A three-song EP compact disc released as a holiday "bonus" from Razor & Tie.  Tracks:The Christians and the Pagans - version from MORTAL CITY. Travelling Again - a live, solo picked version from the Acoustic Café radio show, in Ann Arbor, spring 1995 - not on any other album. Nora - Dar's cover of the Richard Shindell song, recorded September 1995 at Cliff Eberhardt's house.
As Cool As I Am
This is a CD EP that was released on the Grapevine label in England.  It contains the album version of As Cool As I Am plus two previously unreleased live recordings: When I Was a Boy and This Was Pompeii, both recorded at the Acoustic Cafe, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
1997 What Do You Hear in These Sounds Tracks: WDYHITS (radio edit), Are You Out There (live), Wilder Than Her (with Fred Eaglesmith-only recording), The Christians and the Pagans (live), As Cool As I Am (live), WDYHITS (album version)
1998 Starman - Single Hundreds of fans voted online for a song they wanted Dar to record. An "elite" team at darwilliams.com counted the votes and David Bowie's "Starman" was the winner. It was recorded and was initially only available in Liquid Audio on the Web.  There's no longer a Liquid Audio version but there do seem to be some versions of it on the Web if you're searching about for it - no reliable link though.
The Beauty of the Rain sampler
Released almost six months before the album, this 4-track sampler actually only contains two songs from The Beauty of the Rain: I Saw a Bird Fly Away and Mercy of the Fallen.  The other two tracks are: Are You Out There  from Out There Live, and Starman, which has never appeared on a CD before.


Live at Bearsville Theatre
Dar's first live DVD filmed at the Bearsville Theatre in Woodstock, N.Y.
Razor and Tie
Released Oct. 16, 2007

Other Appearances

Anne Weiss
Crossing the Border (1988)
Backup vocals
Various artists Treestar Review Vocals
A benefit album for 2 radio stations and the Treestar Coffeehouse,supporters of folk music in New York

Various Artists At Home For the Holidays with The Folk Next Door (1993) Song: The Christians and the Pagans
Various Artists Honey, Hide the Banjo (1993) Song: The Babysitter's Here
Various Artists Hoot! Song: February
Various Artists Shelter: The Best of Contemporary Singer-Songwriters
(Nov. 16, 1994)
Song: Travelling Again
This is a Puntamayo CD which raised money for the homeless in the US and UK.
Anne Weiss
Tomorrow's Gate (1994)
Backup vocals
Various Artists
The Performing Songwriter's Editor's Choice of Top 12 DIYs, Vol. 1 (1994)
Song: When I Was a Boy
This is a compliation of songs from "do-it-yourself" albums reviewed by The Performing Songwriter magazine, from issues 1-6 of the magazine.  The Honesty Room was one of those albums reviewed.
Rob Lytle  Rob Lytle (1995) Vocals
Various Artists
Live from the Music Hall, Vol. 1
Song: When I Was a Boy
The Nields Bob on the Ceiling Vocals
Various Artists
The Postcrypt (1995)
Song: The Great Unknown 
73 minute live compilation recorded at one of New York city's oldest folk venues.

Joan Baez 
Ring Them Bells (1995) Duet with Joan 
You're Aging Well
Various Artists
Live at the World Cafe 2 (1995)
This CD is from radio station WXPN in Philadelphia.  Dar and Joan Baez sing You're Aging Well live in the studio.
Various Artists
New Country - Summer Travel
Song: Traveling Again
Jim Infantino  World of Particulars (1995) Vocals (bckgr), 
Various Artists  Kerrville Folk Festival: 1995 Highlights (1996) Song: The Christians and the Pagans (live)
Various Artists Women Live From Mountain Stage (1996) Song: When I Was A Boy
Various artists
Treestar Review (1996)
Song: Arrival (live)
A benefit album for 2 radio stations and the Treestar Coffeehouse,supporters of folk music in New York
The Nields Gotta Get Over Greta (1996) Guitar, vocals
Various Artists  American Songbook (1996) Contains a previously unavailable live recording of Flinty Kind of Woman recorded live at the Acoustic Cafe, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Peter Lehndorff Love on the Line (1997) Song: Yellow Datsun (Harmony)
Joan Baez  Gone from Danger (1997) Songs: (Harmony) Crack in the Mirror, February and Fishing.
There was a special limited-edition version of this CD released by Borders which contains a bonus disc with a live recording of Dar and Joan Baez singing The Dangling Conversation (written by Paul Simon).
Various Artists
Memorial Day: American Impressionist Songwriters Vol. II (1997)
This is a sampler put out by Waterbug Records containing the original 1991 version of Flinty Kind of Woman from All My Heroes Are Dead. It is likely the only appearance of any recording from that tape on a CD.
Various Artists Lesbian Favorites: Women Like Us (1997) Song: As Cool As I Am
John Flynn  John Flynn (1997) Vocals, Vocals (bckgr) 
Various Artists
Live at the World Cafe 5 (1997) Song: As Cool As I Am (live)
Various Artists
A Home for the Holidays (1997)
Song: What Child is This
Various Artists
Crowd Around the Mic
Live on WNCW, Vol. 1 (1997)
Song: End of the Summer
Live version taped in the WNCW studio while on air
Various Artists From the Heart of Studio A: The Folkscene Collection (1998) Guitar, Vocals 
Live radio performance
Rachel Bissex I Used to Be Nice (1998) Arrangement, vocals
Various Artists
Live at the World Cafe 7 (1998)
Song: Are You Out There (live)
Various Artists  Big League Babe, Vol. 2: The... (1998) Song: The Kind of Love You Never Recover From
Duet with Hugh Blumenfeld
Various Artists
BUGjuice Spring/Summer 1988
Song: What Do You Hear in These Sounds
Various Artists
The Folkscene Collection (1998)
Song: This Was Pompeii
recorded March 5, 1995
Various Artists
WUMB 91.9 FM (1998)
Song: The Ballad of Mary Magdalene
With harmony vocals from Richard Shindell.  Recorded live at WRSI Cafe on Sept. 15, 1997
Stan Sullivan Do You Like the Rain
Dar sings background vocals on two songs: Dark Belgian Chocolate and Check Your Guitar.

Various Artists
Hempilation 2: Free the Weed (1998) Song: Play the Greed
"It's the only song about hemp on Hempilation," says Dar.
Ellis Paul Translucent Soul (1998) Vocals (background)

Various Artists
Smoke Signals: Music from the Motion Picutre (1998) Song: Road Buddy
Various Artists
These are My Songs (1998)
Song: The End of the Summer
Various Artists Lilith Fair: Live (April 28, 1998)
Song: What Do You Hear in These Sounds
Various Artists
Live + Direct 91.3 FM WYEP (1999)
Song: Northern Cross
Live recording by Cry Cry Cry
Various Artists
Invite [Spring] (1999 - Eddie Bauer Compilation)
Song: As Cool As I Am
Various Artists Heritage (1999)  Song: While Roving on a Winter's Night
Duet with John Gorka
originally released with a different cover in 1997.
Various Artists
Mega Celtique (Aug. 27, 1999)
Song: February
Various Artists Refuge: A Benefit for the People of Kosovo (Dec. 14, 1999)
Song: By Way of Sorrow ( Cry Cry Cry)
Chris Chandler Collaborations (1999)  Each song features a combination of another artists singing and Chris talking.  In Dar's case, they took one of Chris' signature songs, and Dar wrote an accompanying piece to fit with it.
Various Artists
Bleecker Street: Greenwich Village In The 60's (1999)
Song: Last Thing on My Mind (Cry, Cry, Cry)
Various Artists  Main Stage Live: The Falcon Ridge Folk Festival (1999) Song: If I Wrote You

Richard Shindell 
Somewhere Near Paterson ( Feb. 8, 2000) Harmony 
Dana Robinson The Trade (2000) Background vocals on: Troy
Various Artists
Live at the World Cafe 11 (2000)
Song: I Won't Be Your Yoko Ono (live)
Pete Nelson
Days Like Horses (A Novel in 15 Songs) (2000)
Song: We're Not in Love Anymore (duet)
Bernice Lewis
Religion and Release (2000)
Various Artists
Live from the River Music Hall, Version 2.0 (2000)
Song: Fall on Me
This is a Rounder Records release containing live recordings from WXRV-FM in Boston.  Cry Cry Cry performs, recorded live on Dec 17, 1998
Jimmie Dale Gilmore  One Endless Night (Feb. 29, 2000) Vocals
The Nields If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home By Now (March 21, 2000) Vocals
Various artists Badlands: A Tribute to Bruce Springsteen's 'Nebraska'
(Nov. 7, 2000)
Song: Highway Patrolman
Various Artists Women of the Heartland (2001) Song: Iowa (Travelling III)
The Nields Live from Northampton (2001) Background vocals
Various Artists
Clearwater Live! (2001)
Song: I Had No Right
Live recordings from Clearwater's Great Hudson River Revival in June, 2000
Various Artists
Rockin' Patriots (2001)
Song:  This Land is Your Land  with Ramblin' Jack Elliott/Jose Feliciano/Alvin Youngblood Hart/Bill Miller
Various Artists
Labour of Love: The Music of Nick Lowe (2001)
Song: All Men Are Liars
Various Artists If I Had a Song:
The Songs of Pete Seeger Vol. 2 (2001)
Track: Oh, Had I a Golden Thread
A Duet with Toshi Reagon
Peter Mulvey Ten Thousand Mornings (2002) This CD has a cover of The Ocean
Cliff Eberhardt  School for Love (2002) Background vocals on Merry-Go-Sorry
Various Artists
Providence [Soundtrack] (2002)
Song: What Do You Hear In These Sounds
Various Artists
Being Out Rocks (2002)
Song: As Cool As I Am
This CD is a fundraiser for the Human Rights Campaign Foundation and was relased for National Coming Out Day 2002
Dan Zane and Friends
Night Time! (2002)
Song: Wild Mountain Thyme with Dan Zane
 String Cheese Incident
On The Road - Friday, October 25, 2002
Songs: Lost and Imagine
Anne Weiss
Braille (December 2002)
Background vocals.
Various Artists
Live at the World Cafe: Sweet Sixteen
Song: The One Who Knows
Various Artists
KPIG Greatest Hits: Volume 1 (March 25, 2003)
Song: Wilder than Her
Recorded live at Slaughter House Studio, Hadley, MA 4/6/97 with Fred Eaglesmith and members of his band.
Various Artists
Acoustic Chill 2 (2003)
Song: The One Who Knows
Various Artists
Razor & Tie Presents Sound Advice - Vol 1 (2002)
Song: Imagine with String Cheese Incident
  Various Artists
Live from the Bardavon, Vol. I  (2004)
Song: February
Recorded Dec. 11, 1999
Various Artists The Best of Pagan Song (Feb. 14, 2004)
Song: The Christians and the Pagans
Various Artists
38 Songs of Hope: Parkinsongs Volume 1 (May 11, 2004) Song: The One Who Knows
This CD is a benefit for Parkinson's disease research.
 Various Artists
For the Next X: A Benefit CD for RAINN
(July 27, 2004)
Song: As Cool As I Am (live version)
100% of the proceeds from the sale of this CD go to RAINN -- the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network.
 Laurie MacAllister
 The Things I Choose to Do (November 2004)
Harmony vocals: Nobody's Angels
Click here to listen.
Various Artists
Monster-in-Law Soundtrack (May 10, 2005)
Song: The Beauty of the Rain
Various Artists
Remembering Rachel Bissex - The Songs of Rachel Bissex (2005)
Song: Just Like That (with Patty Larkin)
Various Artists
Radio Woodstock, 25th Anniversary (Aug. 25, 2005)
Song: When I Was A Boy
Various Artists
This Bird Has Flown: A 40th Anniversary Tribute to the Beatles' Rubber Soul
Song: You Won't See Me (listen)
Various Artists
Rock your Rights II (DVD)
(October 2006)
Interview and concert footage from the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C. from Oct. 2005
Various Artists Peak Performance, Volume 1
(December 2007)
Song: Echoes
Nerissa & Katryna Nields
Sister Holler (2008)
Various Artists Born to the  Breed: A Tribute to Judy Collins (October 2008)
Song: Holly Ann (The Weavers Song)
Sing SOSVarious Artists Songs of the Spectrum (2009)
An album to raise funds for autism.
Song: House on Fire
25Patty Larkin & Friends 25
(March 2010)

Song: Good Thing
occupy this album Various Artists Occupy This Album
(May 2012)
Song: Play the Greed
One of 99 songs by 99 artists on this collection of protest songs.


1996 As Cool As I Am watch it
1997 What Do You Hear In These Sounds  watch it
Behind the scenes look at the making of Promised Land
watch it
It's Alright
watch it
As Cool As I Am (with Gary Louris)
watch it


  July 2006
Lights Camera Amalee
Scholastic Books
A sequel to 2004's Amalee
The Best of Dar Williams (songbook)
Hal Leonard

Contains 15 Dar songs

amalee  May 2004
Scholastic Books
Dar's first book for young adults. Read the press release.
The Dar Williams Songbook
Hal Leonard
Contains 12 Dar songs
Dar Williams and Elizabeth Zipern
The Tofu Tollbooth, 2nd ed. A Guide to Natural Food Stores & Eating Spots With Lots of Other Cool Stops Along the Way
The first edition of TTT by Dar alone was published in 1994.

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